Social responsibility

Trade relations

The cooperation between Minh Hung Tien and partners is very equal and follow the terms of the contract.

Child labor

The working age must not be lower than the age when compulsory compulsory education is completed, usually not less than 16 years. In case the Company hires younger children, they will be guaranteed; Physical, mental, social and ethical learning and development will not be affected.

Forced labor

Our company prohibits the use of forced labor. Employees have the right to express their opinions and have absolute freedom.


Our company does not allow discrimination by ethnicity, gender, religion, political opinion, social class or similar reasons.

Terms of use of personnel

The employee will be paid the minimum wage or the salary specified in the labor law for the employer, depending on which is more beneficial to the employee. Wages will be paid directly to workers.

Safety for workers

Employees have a safe and healthy working environment at our company. In no case are workers abused physically, mentally or sexually.

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